The DNS Curriculum
  • The Destiny Curriculum

    Our creative learning programme is aimed at providing our children with a non-stereotypical classroom environment to learn; therefore our curriculum incorporates a good balance of learning through play with hands-on experiences.

    Our preschool programme allows children to learn and grow in language, socio-emotional and physical development and to practise and master basic concepts and skills in mathematics, science and self-help.

    The programme is a developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets the USA and British Standards; it is designed to include activities with a balance of important early childhood skill experiences.

    Skills Development

    Children are engaged to develop skills such as:
    • Physical and Motor Skills
    • Language Skills
    • Cognitive Skills
    • Socio-Personal and Emotional Skills
    • Sensorial Skills
    • Creative Skills
  • Subjects Taught

    Children will be exposed to different subjects such as:
    • Numeracy
    • Literacy
    • Foreign Language (French)
    • Art and Craft
    • Music
    • ICT
    • Physical Education